How to say no nicely

Lets’ face it, you are not going to like all of the ideas that your boyfriend or partners comes up with, says Lamia. But, in order not to hurt your partner’s feelings, it is important to be able to say no in a nice way. I had this boyfriend when I first joined UK escorts who wanted me to lick his anus. It did not turn me on at all, and I suggested that we try something different instead. That is really the best answer. If somebody says that they have something they would like to try, and you are not going to enjoy it, suggest something different instead. I think that is what most London escorts do.

I get excited about most things, but just like so many other girls, there is stuff that does not turn me on. And really, that is what I have turned into my guideline. The girls and I at London escorts know that there are limits to what turns people on, and if it does not turn you. It is really important to say so. It took me a little while to learn that, and I have to admit that most of the girls at London escorts, think it is a learning curve as well.

Why should we not say no? A lot of people are really afraid to say no, but why shouldn’t we. We have the right to say no to something that we do not agree with, or that we think is just disgusting. I always tell the less experienced girls at London escorts to say no if they come up against something that does not turn them on. At the end of the day, we are all different and even London escorts, do not get turned on by everything.

The thing is, I don’t think guys says no very often. Speaking to my friends at Uk escorts, there are very few males out there who are prepared to say no when their London escorts girlfriends suggest something different. It kind of makes me laugh, and I often wonder if the best ideas for new sexy things, actually come from women not from men. Many women can be a lot braver sexually than men, and many ladies are a lot more creative as well. It is probably true as all of the best porn directors are women.

During my time at uk escorts I have learned a lot. I am sure that most of the girls that I work with at London escorts feel exactly the same way. We love the fact that we can talk about these things together, and I wonder how many men sit around and talk about sex in this sort of open way. When men talk about sex, it is often about what they call their conquests instead. The problem with men’s conquests, is that most of them are not true, and we all know men like to brag, just a little bit, about their sex lives.

How to manage your fetishes

During my time here at London escort, I have learned that it is all too easy to let sexual fetishes take over your life. Some of the gents that I date here at London escorts, do have some very odd fetishes, and I am sure that they are a bit “undateable” in real life. It would be fun to fun to find out what other people would think about some of the crazy guys that we meet here at London escorts. I could tell you some stories that would have you both laughing your socks off and crying at the same time.

Most of the girls here at London escorts know that there are some gents who cannot manage their fetishes really well. It is a shame, but if you are seriously into collecting porn movies, and filling your home with them, you may not be the most easy to date guy. The thing is, all of these slightly crazy guys that we meet at London escorts, are sort of proud of their hobbies and they enjoy telling girls about them. The truth is that we all have our secret dreams and desires, but I am not so sure that we should lay all our cards on the table.

I have a couple of role play dates that I really like here at London escorts. You may not believe this, but these guys really go into character. I am sure that a couple of them believe that they are the person they are pretending to be. I have one guy that I date a lot, and he believes that he is Napoleon. Needless to say, he wants me to be his Josephine. Whenever we have a girls night out here at London escorts, I do tell my friends about them.

It is during these nights out. I realize that most London escorts have dates that are a bit on the eccentric site. It is not always easy to keep a straight face but you do have to try to. I get on with the boss at the London escorts service ever so well, and he sometimes just asks me to tell him about some of the crazy guys that I date. By now, I could probably right a book about some of my gents. All of them are really nice, and there is no way that I would expose them.

If you do have a problem keeping your fetishes under control, I am not sure the best way forward is to talk about them all of the time. These guys do have a tendency to do that, and it is like a character takes them over. It is not normally a problem if you can control your fetishes, but if you can’t, you may want to do something about it. One thing is very true, lots of London escorts have a great deal of fun dating these guys, and I am sure that if I told you just a small part of it, you would not even believe me. Now, where is my Pippi Longstocking costume?

The Joy Of ‘forced Sex’

In the world of sexual taboos and fetishes, ‘forced sex’ is one of the most looked down upon yet most fantasized practices there is. While a clear line between sexual fantasy and reality must be drawn between practitioners of forced sex fantasy play, there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about, playing out, and getting off to taking your partner by force, if everyone knows where the boundaries lie. In fact, opening up to your partner and allowing them to take you anyway they wish, at any time they wish, by any means they wish, can not only strengthen your sexual experience together, but also the trust and passion shared between one another.

Forced sex can be painful depending on what you and your partner agree on. If your lover enjoys being manhandled, tied-up, slapped, spanked, or having your cock forced into her tight ass, gaping pussy, or closed mouth, why not give into the fantasy and allow both of you to enjoy a pleasurable and satisfying experience? But forced sex isn’t all about pain, and many partners enjoy the fantasy of being coaxed and petted into ‘enjoying’ forced sex. Talk to your partner about what they enjoy and keep an open mind, forced sex fantasy play could lead to the most amazing experience you’ve ever had sexually. Below is a true short story about how satisfying and pleasurable forced sex fantasy play can be.

My wife and I have been together for four years; we’re both nymphomaniacs and have had some crazy and exhilarating sexual adventures together. She’s taken her girlfriends for me on many occasions, licking them up and down, caressing them, cumming hard together before I step in and claim her exhausted body as my own. We’ve had countless orgies with many different friends; I’ve had several of her friends myself, just as I’ve watched her be covered in cum by many different cocks simultaneously. What she enjoys most though is forced sex fantasy play. She told me once that she loves the feeling of me taking every hole the way I want while she begs and pleads for me to stop.

Many times I’ve put her against the wall in some bar or nightclub as she feigned disinterest and downright disgust in my advances, only to spread her legs, slide my hand up her skirt, and find her dripping for me already. Many times I’ve parted her lips to her pleas and pushed my cock down her throat. One of her favorite forms of forced sex fantasy play however, is when I take her while she’s sleeping.

One afternoon I found her fast asleep in our bed. I unzipped my pants and began rubbing my hardening cock against her freckled cheeks. She tried rolling away, but I put my hand on her shoulder and pressed her cheeks together until her mouth opened for me. Precum dripped from my cock and landed amongst her freckles as I slide my now throbbing dick into her throat. She was starting to wake up and trying to feign protest but it only came out as mumbles.

“Moooeee” She gagged, sending spit and precum everywhere.

I pulled my cock out so I could hear her pleas.

“No, please. No, No.” She said trying to push herself against the headboard, but my cock was already pressing at the back of her throat by the time she’d finished.

She sat up and I forced myself in further, pumping my cock now, as she gagged and coughed and half-heartedly tried to push me away. I petted her hair and told her to just take it as I undid her jeans with one hand to find her white panties already soaked.

“Please don’t” She was saying as my cock slid out of her mouth, but she took it again and ran her tongue up the shaft, sucking pre-cum from the tip.

I pushed my throbbing dick as deep as it would go and pumped her throat as she gagged and threw up, tears filling her eyes, her mascara running in dark lines down her freckled cheeks. She beat my shaft against her tongue and took it deep inside her mouth again. As I came hard down her throat, I turned to watch her wet, red pussy, now with the white panties pulled aside and her fingers buried deep within, splatter the sheets of our bed with her squirting cum.

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